Keynote Highlights of GHCI’19

If you weren’t able to attend GHCI 2019 or missed the keynote sessions or given how powerful and inspiring they were, you want to replay it, this blog is for you!

The opening keynote of GHCI’19 was delivered by Padmasree Warrior. With an industry experience spanning 3 decades, she has served as VP in Motorola and CTO in Cisco. She was among the 100 most powerful women — Forbes, 25 most influential women in tech — Business Advisor, 11th most influential global citizen, WTI hall of fame and board of directors of Microsoft and Spotify. She is also a painter and a photographer!

At the biggest celebration for women in tech in India, she talked about technology trends and shift in leadership and talent needs. An expert in wireless technology, she also talked about the need to reinvent leadership skills to own the future.

She has always worked towards aligning technology and business and this was the theme she started her talk with as well. She talked about the evolution of technology and the business model in place corresponding to it. This evolution began with technologies to get people online to always keep people online to the current state of serve people safely online.

It is up to us to decide which layer of architecture we want to take our career to!

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Along with talking about technology trends, she also mentioned the next big opportunities in the coming decade that would help us make the right decisions in our career — Data, Autonomous systems, Blockchain, AI and Content-based systems.

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She also brought up how given the rise in streaming companies, there is a shift from broad social platforms to smaller interest-based communities and data-driven business models.

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Her advice to the next generation of women leaders:

  1. Use your energy to inspire people to connect to a common mission and excite them about new ideas
  2. Use passion and determination to deal with complexity and ambiguity
  3. Be curious and learn the ability to absorb a high volume of inputs
  4. Seek out people who are different than you and strive to understand alternative point of views

The closing keynote at GHCI’19 was presented by the founder and CEO of Humans For AI, Beena Ammanath. She is an award-winning senior executive with extensive global experience in artificial intelligence and digital transformation. She talked about what advice she would give to her younger self.

Key highlights from her talk:

  1. Be fearless, be hungry for knowledge.
  2. Believe that you can do anything. Raise your hand and grab the opportunity.
  3. Choose the right support system. Invest in your network and build connections.
  4. Be a role model for someone because real stories truly inspire.
  5. Conquer your fears and barriers you set for yourself. Aspire to be like your role models and approach for mentorship.
  6. Work is part of life. Instead of work-life balance, focus on life balance.

Hope you found this interesting and inspiring, please do support me with your claps and follow me for more!

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